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I have never seen Mr. Massey trying to be anyone other than who he is, a kid who raised himself up in
prison. He taught himself to be productive, overcoming the negativity of the prison and
it's structures. He's a man now. He lives here under his own morals, his self-confidence
improves daily as he developes his own style - and it's natural- he's comfortable with
himself. His personal success as a man is the culmination of some failures, some
mistakes, some false starts, some confusion also but his detennination to keep on going
anyway. Mr. Massey eventually managed his prison experiences to powerfully influence his sense
of self-efficacy.

Correctional Staff Diane Willeiksen, WSRU
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I believe Barry's case is that of an exceptional
nature and thus merits exceptional consideration. I hope the Clemency Board will give thorough and careful consideration to allow for the only fair, honest and humane response as not every condemned person is unworthy. I believe that Barry Massey deserves a second chance and I truly believe that he will bury the label placed upon him by society and Ihat
he will instead make us proud.

Officer Robert I. Moser
Monroe Correctional Complex Washington State Reformatory

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Barry is an exceptional person with tremendous character and highly placed
principles that guide all of his personal and professional conduct. He has always demonstrated an outstanding commitment to excel and achieve both personally and academically that results in positive outcomes for himself and the people who he works with...........
Willie Williams
Consultant- Village of HOPE
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